Where Did The Time Go?

I'd be completely lying if I said that I wasn't sad when school started last week. I've been a mom for 34 years. It's my life, my career, my everything. It's the one thing that, I think, I'm pretty decent at. Yes, somedays are long and they drive me crazy and bonkers but I love... Continue Reading →

The Day That Summer Began.

Taber had his doctors follow-up appointment on July 31st. One month after he had a surgical procedure to help resolve his acute corneal hydrops he developed in his left eye. The trust and relationships that Taber has developed with Dr. Hatch and her incredible staff is remarkable. He has come so very far with letting... Continue Reading →

A promise is a promise. 

Talk to Taber for a few minutes and you'll quickly find out that he loves cars and excavators. He knows every make, model and year of cars and shout outs of excavators can be heard when we're driving in the car passing by construction sites or passing by them on the side of the highway... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Early Detection

Taber's biological brother, Toby,  was tested for Keratoconus at his follow-up appointment after his surgery for Coneal Hydrops. It turns out,  Toby had abnormal findings, one of which is a thin cornea on his left eye, along with other abnormalities.  After receiving the news, I had  a long and emotional talk with Dr. Hatch.  One of... Continue Reading →

Don’t rub your eyes

Since Taber was  diagnosed with Keratoconus,  I say "don't rub your eyes" multiple times a day. I used to think it was because of allergies, since he does suffer from them. I have since found out that it's a sign of Keratoconus and severe rubbing of the eyes aids to the progression of the disease. ... Continue Reading →

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