Don’t rub your eyes

Since Taber was  diagnosed with Keratoconus,  I say “don’t rub your eyes” multiple times a day. I used to think it was because of allergies, since he does suffer from them. I have since found out that it’s a sign of Keratoconus and severe rubbing of the eyes aids to the progression of the disease. 

Keratocat knows he should not rub his eyes and he is helping other people too.

About the creator

Keratocat is a creation by Gabriel Acevedo. He created Keratocat to bring awareness to the disease. 

Gabriel was diagnosed with keratoconus 34 years ago, and graduated from dental school and worked in that field for some years, then his keratoconus on the left eye advanced to the point that only treatment possible was to get a new cornea. He had a corneal transplant about 23 years ago.

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