The Benefits of Early Detection

Taber’s biological brother, Toby,  was tested for Keratoconus at his follow-up appointment after his surgery for Coneal Hydrops. It turns out,  Toby had abnormal findings, one of which is a thin cornea on his left eye, along with other abnormalities.  After receiving the news, I had  a long and emotional talk with Dr. Hatch. 

One of the things that we both agreed on was that this disease is treated poorly. The majority of patients are treated after the fact of receiving the diagnosis, meaning most are reactive instead of proactive. This disease is handled backwards. Her hope that ib the near future, every child is tested starting at the age of 12 years. Much like the required immunizations your child must receive, she believes, cornea mapping should be required also.  If, at that time, there are any abnormalities in the eyes, cornea or a history of Keratoconus, crosslinking is preformed. 

With Taber’s history of advanced Kerataconus, the  genetic component and findings regarding Toby’s eyes, he also needs crosslinking. 

I am thankful for this early detection and that it was caught in time and I am hopeful that this time it will be stopped in it’s tracks. 

In the meantime, I will continue to raise awareness for Kerataconus. Now, it’s a family affair.

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