The day the smiles returned.  

May 17th started out like any other day. The kids went to school, Gary to work and I was headed to the gym. I had plans to do errands, catch up on work, then pick Tay up afterschool and head to my son’s baseball game.  

Mid day, I got a text from his school, Tays eyes were really itchy. Allergies were bad that day and Tay suffers from them. I texted back, don’t let him rub them. Next text, Tays left eye is really bothering him, he even took a nap. Then, a phone call from the nurse, Lisa you need to come to the school. Taber’s eye is bulging and completely white you need to come here. As fast as I could, I went to his school.  After hearing from his doctor we immediately headed up to Boston. Taber had developed corneal hydrops in his left eye. 

That was the day the smiles disappeared. Taber was in pain and discomfort daily. He went from a kid who laughed and played to a quiet kid who preferred dark rooms and sunglasses. We went for weekly visits to monitor the eye but the doctor was not happy with the way it looked.  As a mom, I knew he could not go on with the pain and undeniable discomfort he was having daily. I figured a cornea transplant was coming sooner rather than later, although, at this time it would be risky. Instead, his doctor suggested  *Intracameral air/ gas injection. 

On June 12th,  we went to Mass Eye and Ear in Boston and Dr. Hatch preformed the surgery. It was the first time I saw Taber’s eye. The only way that I can describe how it looked is the way my son did. iIt t looked like someone put a big giant glop of Super Glue on his eye and then glued a marble ontop of that. It was that distorted looking. 

Taber was brave when he prepared for surgery and I was right next to him when he went in the O.R. A few hours later, Taber was in the recovery room and a while later we were heading back to our hotel room where we spent the night. We kept a careful eye on him and positioning was key since he needed to be flat on his back for 24 hours. 

The next day we headed back to the office for our post-op appointment, given our instructions for care and drove back home. We were scheduled to see the Dr. Hatch seven days later for another follow-up.

During those seven days, it was like witnessing a miracle.  We saw Taber’s eye change daily. It went from a completely grey white eye to the outer edges of his pupil becoming brown again. His big beautiful brown eyes were returning, along with his smile.

I am happy to say that at the next appointment the doctor was astonished at the progeess Taber had made. His cornea was healing and the swelling had gone down considerably. The outer edge of his pupil was returning to his beautiful brown eye color and working it’s way to the center. There is some scaring that will always be there and visible. But the greatest news was that he had regained very slight vision in his left eye. It was something that we were hopeful for but did not expect.

I am happy to say my Tay is coming back. The giggles have returned. It’s nice to see him laughing again and enjoying all the things that he loves. Smiles have returned. 

The picture on the left was taken June 4, 2017. The picture in the middle was taken 3 days post op.  The pictue on the far right was taken July 4, 2017. 
 *Intracameral Air/gas Injection. – Intracameral air/gas injection shortens the period of persistence of corneal edema.

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