A promise is a promise. 

Talk to Taber for a few minutes and you’ll quickly find out that he loves cars and excavators. He knows every make, model and year of cars and shout outs of excavators can be heard when we’re driving in the car passing by construction sites or passing by them on the side of the highway or road. Many times you’ll find him searching on YouTube or Google for the fastest excavator ever and looking at all types of cars. 

Over a year ago we found him searching on Google for excavators and he came up on a place called Diggerland. It’s a construction site themed park where you can operate real construction equipment.  For hours he would look at the site and ask if we could go there for vacation. He would make plans and tell us we’re going. For over a year, almost every weekend, he would ask if we could please go to Diggerland. We would tell him “We will Buddy, maybe next year. We’ll try, we promise”. 

Then, he was diagnosed with Keratoconus. With all the doctors appointments, traveling back and forth, the talk of surgeries, the stress and strain of the disease not to mention the pain and discomfort, he was still talking about going to Diggerland.  We told him “we are going to go Buddy, we promise. I think knowing that actually kept him going through everything.  Honestly, it was the one thing that we knew after a difficult year would bring a smile to his face.

And it did!! He loved every single minute of it and operating all the equipement. He jumped on the mini excavator a trillion times and dug the biggest hole possible. He loved driving the skid-steer and mini-dumper truck. He bounced around in the battle truck and drove his Dad in the work-max truck.  He hung out at the arcade for awhile and played all the games then jumped back on the equipment. He had a blast and so did we. At the end of the day, we grabbed a bite to eat at The Lunch Pail. 

As we were walking to the car and Tay was smiling so big, I asked him, “did you have fun Tay?” He said “it was the best day ever!!!” I said, I’m so glad Tay. After all, a promise is a promise.

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