The Day That Summer Began.

Taber had his doctors follow-up appointment on July 31st. One month after he had a surgical procedure to help resolve his acute corneal hydrops he developed in his left eye.

A little apprehensive before going in.

The trust and relationships that Taber has developed with Dr. Hatch and her incredible staff is remarkable. He has come so very far with letting them examine his eyes and preforming tests on them.

He sat in the chair and let her examine his eyes, including the right eye. I am happy to say that the Hydrops has resolved in his left eye as well as the the edema. There is, although, a fair amount of scarring, which will always be present and visable in that eye. She also examined the right eye as well and presently it is stable. All fantastic news!

The greatest news that we received was that Taber is cleared to go swimming and do all the activities that had been put on hold prior to developing the hydrops. Next step, hopefully, contacts or glasses.


Summer officially started on August 1st for Taber. That’s the day that we went to the beach for the first time this Summer and he went swimming!! Let Summer begin.

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