What’s stopping you?

What's stopping you? This is Taber the day before he went in for surgery to help the corneal hydrops that developed in his left eye due to advanced Kerataconus.  The corneal hysdrops has left him with no vision in his left eye and very limited vision in his right eye.  Click on the link to... Continue Reading →

My best anniversary gift. 

This was my anniversary gift this past weekend. I was able to see my baby's eyes for the first time in a very long time since he had the setback of corneal hydrops. This was the greatest gift this whole weekend being able to see his beautiful big brown eyes. We head up tomorrow for... Continue Reading →

The First Of What Could Be Many Updates 

Kerataconus~this disease is no joke. A little over two weeks ago, we made an emergency visit to Taber's specialist up in Boston.  He was in pain in his left and his pupil had turned white and was bulging.  After examination, he was diagnosed with corneal hydrops.  Essentially, his cornea had ruptured. It's a very rare and painfull condition... Continue Reading →

We Keep It Moving

I am super excited to be starting this blog. I have wanted to start blogging again for a very long time so that I could share my thoughts and feelings, just the simple things in life and here I am!! In the last few days it's been even more relevant that I return and share... Continue Reading →

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